Wide Belt Sander for Plasma Cut Parts

Are you tired of hand grinding and deburring your plasma cut parts?

Hand deburring is a laborious process. It takes a lot of time, produces inconsistent results and ultimately costs a lot of money. What if you could produce BETTER results in a fraction of the time? What if you could increase your productivity and output, resulting in more profits for your business?


Solution: The EZ Sander Wide Belt Sander

The EZ Sander was developed to make hand deburring a thing of the past. Our 37″ wide sander will remove slag dross left over on plasma cut parts in a matter of seconds. Parts are fed through the machine on a conveyor belt that passes under a wide abrasive sanding belt. Depending on your finished product needs, this operation can provide deburring, graining, and finishing of your parts.

The EZ Sander is engineered to fill the needs of both the novice and experienced metal/woodworker. It was designed to offer them a small but heavily constructed sander with the types of features found on larger industrial machines.


See the EZ Sander in Action

Here are some videos demonstrating the use of an EZ Sander to clean up plasma cut parts:




Learn More About the EZ Sander

Wondering whether the EZ Sander is right for you and your business? Give us a call and talk to one of our application specialists. They will discuss your application needs with you and help determine the best fit for you. You can also request that samples be run in our lab.

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